this one’s above love, and lust, and passion. because i’m writing a paper about love, and about lust, and about passion. about “she smelled of daisies / she drive me crazy” and also “love is the coal / that makes this train roll” and “if we sleep together / would it make it any better?” people sleeping with windows open and people calculating the logistics of lust and people living off feeding off breathing off love. A+, I assume. 

  1. Alex Winston — Everlasting Light (Black Keys cover)
  2. Etta James — I Just Want To Make Love To You
  3. Santigold - My Superman
  4. Florence + the Machine — Bedroom Hymns
  5. Angus & Julia Stone — Big Jet Plane (Stern disco remix)
  6. Tune-Yards — Powa
  7. Mirah — La Familia (Joyride remix)
  8. Dead Man’s Bones — My Body’s a Zombie For You
  9. Flight Facilities — Crave You
  10. Lykke Li — Window Blues
  11. Beyoncé — Love On Top
  12. Nina Simone — Turn Me On
  13. Alex Winston — Velvet Elvis 
  14. Kleerup — Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li)
  15. These United States — First Sight (Daytrotter session)
  16. Lykke Li — Velvet (Big Pink cover)
  17. Lana Del Rey — Blue Jeans
  18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Soft Shock (acoustic version)
  19. The Shivers — Beauty
  20. The Black Keys — Keep Me


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